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  • Council Chair, Lisa Adams
  • Vice Chair, Jackie Jones
  • Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator, Sue Krall
  • Kairos Donor Coordinator, Jo Ann Stephens
  • Secretary,  Celeste Willis               
  • Spiritual Director, (open)
  • Treasurer, Sharon Bennett
  • Agape Coordinator, Kay Akers

  • Communications Coordinator, Tamre Hammer

  • Continuing Ministry Coordinator, Karen Western

  • Data Coordinator, Callie Mills

  • Institution Liaison, Vivien Griffis
  • Outreach Coordinator, Beth Webb

  • Dru Pardee, State Chapter Committee Representative
  • Debbie Frendahl, Leader KO #22
  • Sharon Bennett, Observing Leader 1 KO #22
  • Beth Webb, Observing Leader 2KO #22
  • Sue Krall, Advising Leader KO #22
  • Kit Thomas, Other 4th Day and Kairos Programs Representative
  • Webmaster, Laura Jo Brunson


Advisory Council Operating Procedures

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