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About Kairos Outside

Kairos Outside sprang from an idea of the chaplain at California's San Quentin State Correctional Facility in 1989. The concept was to bolster relatives and friends on the outside who support their loved ones inside prison. Structured as a retreat and offered at no cost to those we serve, Kairos Outside Weekends demonstrate God's grace and love through Christian support for our "Guests."

Confidentiality, a cornerstone of our Christian love, is crucial to our success.

The ministry began to spread around the country, and in the fall of 2004, Kairos Outside of Northeast Florida held its first weekend with 18 Guests.

Our weekends are scheduled for the fall and spring of each year at a retreat in Northeast Florida. We also have a gathering called a reunion a couple of times a year to reconnect with each other.

Just as our parent organization, Kairos Prison Ministry International, we are an ecumenical group comprising many different Christian churches but agreeing on our statement of faith, vision and mission.

The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church featured the Kairos Outside ministry in an article on its website on June 17, 2015.


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