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Since 2004, the volunteers of Kairos Outside of Northeast Florida have ministered to women with loved ones who are, or were, incarcerated in state, federal, local and youth correctional facilities.

We recognize that the spouses, relatives and friends of those who are incarcerated "do time" right along with those they love. We are an ecumenical Christian Community that cares about them. Some of us have been impacted by the incarceration of loved ones, and some of us have not.

Regardless, we provide a safe, judgment-free environment for these women during a Christian retreat called a Kairos Outside Weekend. During this special time, our Guests have an opportunity to interact with other women in similar circumstances and to form small support groups that can give them strength in their life journey.

Kairos Outside is an arm of Kairos Prison Ministry International, a non-profit Christian ministry chartered in the State of Florida.

Kairos is one of two Greek words for time. Kronos refers to linear time (hours, days, etc.). Hence, we speak of chronological time. Kairos refers to a time set by God for a specific occurrence Ė or, Godís special time.


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